How to Add Music to an Instagram Story

Add Music to an Instagram Story

How to Add Music to an Instagram Story

You can make your Instagram Stories more engaging by adding music. Instagram allows you to add music in several different ways:

  • Use music from Instagram’s library – Instagram provides a library of songs and audio clips you can add to your Stories. To use the music library, first, open your Story camera and slide over to the sticker tray. Tap “Music” and you’ll see Instagram’s music library. Browse the selections or search for a specific song. Tap the song you want to add and pinch/drag to resize the sticker. Position it where you want and post your Story as usual.
  • Use your original audio – You can also add any original audio from your phone to your Stories. This could be you singing or playing an instrument, audio from a video you recorded, etc. To add this, record the audio on your phone first. Then open the Story camera, tap the smiley face sticker icon, and select the “Music” option. This will open your phone’s audio files. Select the original audio you want and add it to your Story.
  • Link another app – Apps like Spotify and SoundCloud allow you to add their music to your Instagram Stories. Open the app and find the “Share to Instagram Story” option. Follow the prompts to add the music as a sticker in your Story. The music will play for the duration of that Story.

Adding music is an easy way to make your Instagram Stories stand out. Experiment with the different options to find the right songs and audio that fit your brand and content.

Music Options for Instagram Stories

Instagram offers a couple of different options for adding music to your stories. Here’s an overview:

Licensed Music Library

Instagram provides access to an extensive library of licensed music that you can use for free in your stories. This includes thousands of tracks across various genres like pop, hip-hop, EDM, Latin, rock, country, R&B, and more.

To access the music library, when you are creating or editing your story, tap the sticker icon and select “Music.” You’ll then be able to browse, preview, and select songs to add to your story.

The music library is updated regularly with new tracks and playlists. All of the songs can be used royalty-free in your stories. However, you cannot save or download the music.

Original/Recorded Audio

If you want to include audio that’s not part of Instagram’s licensed music library, you have the option to add original or recorded music.

You can record audio directly within the Instagram app to add to your story. When creating your story, tap the sticker icon and select “Music.” Then tap the record button to record up to 15 seconds of audio.

Alternatively, you can add existing audio files from your phone. Supported formats include .MP3, .WAV, and . OGG. Tap the sticker icon, choose “Music,” tap “Add from Device,” and select the audio file you want to upload.

Adding original or recorded audio allows you to fully customize the music in your stories. However, keep in mind that you need to own the rights or have permission to use any third-party audio.

Tips for Adding Music to Stories

When adding music to your Instagram Stories, follow these tips for the best results:

  • Adjust audio levels appropriately. The music should complement your video, not overpower it. Listen with headphones and lower the track volume if it’s too loud. Use the volume slider within Instagram to balance the music with your vocal audio.
  • Trim long tracks. Instagram allows you to use up to 15 seconds of a song in Stories. Trim longer tracks to highlight the catchiest part of the chorus or hook.
  • Add creative effects. Take advantage of Instagram’s music effects like Lyrics to highlight your favorite line. Or use an AR effect like Dance to make it look like you’re grooving to the beat.
  • Match music to emotions. Select upbeat, energetic music to reinforce an exciting mood. Opt for mellow acoustic tracks to set a chill vibe. Pick songs that strengthen the overall feeling you want to convey.
  • Use music transitions. Insert 1-2 seconds of a new track in between video clips for a seamless transition. It adds dynamism and energy to your overall Story.
  • Incorporate trending sounds. Look up popular tracks or memes that are commonly used with Instagram’s music stickers. This can help put a fresh spin on your Story.
  • Add context to songs. Briefly explain why you chose certain songs, or what they mean to you. It helps the music seem purposeful, not just random.
  • Credit artists. Tag musical artists if possible so they can re-share your Stories featuring their tracks.

With some creativity, you can use music to take your Instagram Stories to the next level. The right songs can truly amplify your visual content.


Using music in your Instagram Stories can raise some common questions around copyright, editing capabilities, and more. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

No, you can’t use just any song. The music options in Stories are provided through agreements with music rights holders, so the selection is limited. Using songs outside of Instagram’s built-in music violates the copyright.

If you get a copyright notice, it means the rights holder for that song issued a takedown request to have the content removed. The Story with the infringing music will no longer be visible. Your account could be suspended for repeated copyright violations.

The editing capabilities are limited. You can trim the start/end times of the music clip, but you can’t modify the actual audio or mix songs. Instagram adds automatic fade-in/out effects to your music.

Yes, the availability of certain songs and artists can vary by geographic region due to music licensing agreements. The music selection you see may be different from what others see in different countries.

It’s not required, but it’s good practice to credit the artist and song name with a sticker or mention if you’re able. Doing so shows respect for the creator and helps tag and expose them to new listeners.

Yes, you can reuse the same music multiple times. The clips save to your device so you can access them again easily for future Stories. There’s no limit on re-posting the same song.

No, the music clips will remain in your camera roll after your Story expires. So you can continue to reuse those clips indefinitely in new Stories.


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Adding music to your Instagram stories is a great way to make them more lively and engaging. You can upload your audio files or choose from Instagram’s music library.

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