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Google has always focused on satisfying the Indian Internet users with a lot of Google Apps like Google Pay, Aero (for food ordering), Neighbourly (for community building), Google Assistant and Files Go. Now, the search engine giant has launched a new app for serving the needs of Indian bloggers!

Google on Friday announced the launch of its latest Android app in India, Blog Compass. Blog Compass aims to provide an integrated solution for bloggers, to help them track information like traffic, visitors, monitor search presence, engage visitors, learn about blogging and write engaging and trending contents regularly.

Blog Compass is currently available in open beta version and supports English and Hindi languages. The app connects with WordPress and and can also access Google Analytics and Google Search Console with linked to the account. The app is elegantly designed, with navigation via tabs at the bottom of the screen for navigating through sections like Home, Activity, Topics, and Badges.


Google’s Blog Compass seems like an introductory platform for those who are new to the web and blogging platforms. This is essential and beneficial for an emerging market like India. With the exponential growth of mobile users and internet users in the country, Google has done the right thing.

Setting Up Blog Compass App

The app is only available in India and only supports WordPress and Google Blogger platforms. To sign into the app, you need either blogger account or Jetpack for self-hosted WordPress sites.

Features of Blog Compass App

Blog Compass App is really a useful app for bloggers. The features include an integrated platform of site analytics, trending topics, learning center and more. Currently, the app supports only English and Hindi languages.

Integrated Site Analytics

Blog Compass has a one-stop shop for all the site analytics you need. It gives website stats like traffic, visitor information and other vital data for a specified period of time. This is accomplished by integrating Google Analytics and Search Console to the app,

You can access these stats through the “Activity” section in the dashboard. These stats can be viewed through a period ranging from a week to Year. It features:

Visitor Overview: Including views, unique visitors, age and gender.

Traffic Sources: Sources from where the traffic originated.

Google Search Queries: Clicks and impressions for search queries

Top Posts: Posts with the highest views.

Trending Topics

The app gives you all the trending topics on the web from India. You can customize the feed by listing your preferred topics. Other than the preferred topics, the feed gives you update on all topics that are currently trending in India. It also lets you save the topic you like, so that you can come back to it at any time.

Each topic is followed by “Popular Queries” related to that topic. It also gives monthly search volume for the topic as well as the search queries. This allows bloggers to understand the trending topics and its potential to reach maximum users.

You can also delete a topic if it is not your preference or of your taste.


Badges and Awards

Blog compass gives you badges for the progress you make in the app. The badges are given for Page Views, Unique Visitors and Posts. Moreover, the badges are given in a series of progression based on the growth of the given metrics. Also, the badges start with a Bronze badge, followed by silver, Gold and Platinum badges.

Once you achieve a badge, it can be seen in the “Collected” section of Badges.



You can view all the comments that you got in your blog through the Blog Compass App. The comments are divided into two sections; “Pending” for comments that wait for approval and “Approved” section that shows all the approved comments.

Learning Center

Learning Center is a very useful feature for those who want to learn about blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The app lets you pick topics that you want to learn to improve your knowledge on SEO  as well as Google web platforms like Search Console and Google Analytics. It also gives information on the topics like Google AdSense and guides on platforms.


To Wrap It Up

Write More, Worry Less” is the motto of Blog Compass. This app from Google will help the new bloggers and those who are interested in blogging. The interface is much simple and easy compared to Google Analytics. Also, trending topics featured in the app helps the bloggers to understand what topic is trending in their niche. The aim of the Blog compass app is simple, make bloggers create more content that is engaging and useful for users.


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