Blog Compass: App for Bloggers from Google

Google has always focused on satisfying the Indian Internet users with a lot of Google Apps like Google Pay, Aero (for food ordering), Neighbourly (for community building), Google Assistant and Files Go. Now, the search engine giant has launched a new app for serving the needs of Indian bloggers! Google on Friday announced the launch of its …

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Google Chrome 66

Google Launches Chrome 66

All new Chrome 66 Google has announced the promotion of the Chrome 66 browser to the stable versions. Chrome 66 is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. The new version will roll out over the coming weeks. The updated Google Chrome browser (Chrome 66.0.3359.117) features media auto-play changes, the ability to export passwords and 62 security fixes. According to …

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site isolation

What is Site Isolation and How it Protects You?

The web is a dark and mysterious place. There are scams, malware, viruses and other vulnerabilities hiding everywhere. Most users aren’t aware because of protections and securities built-in to their web browser. With Chrome 63, Google has brought another important feature to keep its users safe: Site Isolation. Chrome will load each website in its own …

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Marketing Automation Technology

Marketing Automation Technology for 2018

Most modern marketers are trying to make themselves competent with marketing automation technology. Automation has allowed marketing professionals to outsource the repetitive aspects of their jobs to their computer software. Chatbots have reduced the number of people required for online support. All the real world applications are just a hint of what automation will offer …

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Google Adwords 2018

What to Expect from PPC & Google AdWords in 2018

Year after year Google releases its bundle of updates aimed at enhancing the experience marketers has on their respective platforms. Every update changes the ways in which users interact with their campaigns. Enhanced campaigns have made their way recently to Google AdWords, meaning mobile and desktop can be targeted in an effective way. This has …

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