How to Exclude Mobile Apps from Google AdWords

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The Google Display Network is a vast place. It spreads across millions of websites, apps and other online platforms. The Google Display Network has the capability to reach 90% of all the online users. It has the potential to reach out to a vast number of people, that too in a very targeted manner.

When used correctly, the display campaigns are a very powerful tool for any brands to increase visibility and attract the right audiences. But with Power comes Responsibility! Not really, since the display network is a vast place, chances are you will spend a huge amount of your budget in the wrong places. This is more than true when it comes to Mobile Apps.

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Advertising on Mobile Apps

People using mobile devices to search is increasing exponentially. Moreover, Google places ads not only on relevant websites but also on mobile apps. This were things goes out of hand.

With the rise of mobile devices, came the boom of mobile apps. There are millions of apps for anything and everything. Many mobile applications get their revenue from advertisements. That’s why many free apps are loaded with ads. There are some apps that give users additional features when they click ads or watches video ads. If not target correctly, you will burn a lot of money.

For instance, some gaming apps allow users to unlock additional features by clicking on ads or viewing ads. Also, many times people will click on ads shown in the app mistakenly trying to close the ads (wonder why the close button is tiny).

Here is an example of mobile apps where ads were placed:


Excluding Individual Mobile Apps in Google AdWords

You can exclude individual mobile apps from the ad group by clicking on “enabled” icon (in green) and selecting the “excluded” option. To remove the mobile apps at the campaign level, you can select the check boxes next to each.This feature comes in handy when you want to advertise in mobile apps but want to selectively exclude some mobile apps. Advertising for branding purposes finds this feature helpful. Also, this will allow advertisers to spend money where they want it to be spent.


Excluding All Mobile Apps in Google AdWords

It is recommended to exclude all the mobile apps, especially when you are not sure about the performance of your ads on mobile apps. This is because these mobile apps can drive costly clicks that give little or no conversions.

To exclude all mobile apps, you can add Placement Exclusion for “” To do this, first select the campaign and then click on Display Network Tab. Now navigate to the bottom of the page and look for “Campaign Exclusions”. In the drop-down menu, select “Placements: and add “” This will stop your ads from showing in any mobile apps.



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