Flipkart SEO: How to increase Sales on Flipkart

Flipkart SEO Strategies

Flipkart sellers know that doing SEO for Flipkart product listings can improve sales on the longer run. Flipkart SEO is a must have strategy for sellers to drive traffic and sales to their listing pages.

SEO for Flipkart is very easy compared to other search engines like Google or Amazon. Here we list important Flipkart SEO strategies to rank your products number 1 on Flipkart.

How does Flipkart rank Products?

Its not clear how Flipkart’s ranking algorithm works. But compared to Amazon, Flipkart’s ranking algorithm is much simpler.

Based on our experience doing Flipkart SEO for various clients, we could easily conclude few ranking metrics Flipkart uses.

  1. Sales Performance 
  2. Keyword Relevancy
  3. Price
  4. Availability

Apart from the above ranking factors, there are some factors that indirectly plays a role in deciding the ranks:

  1. Fulfillment method
  2. Advertising
  3. Images & Videos
  4. Reviews – Number of reviews and average review score
  5. Promotions

How to Increase Product Visibility on Flipkart?

Similar to Amazon’s ranking algorithm, Flipkart has its search engine that determines how your product will rank. 

The best way to think about Flipkart’s search engine ranking system is to assume yourself as a shopper, searching for products in Flipkart.

When shoppers are searching for a pair of “Apple iPhone”, it’s more likely they will type their query in the Flipkart search bar rather than filter through the categories section.

Customer queries are then matched against the search terms marketer’s have entered for their product. Flipkart also uses information from product title, product description and other inputs to match products to the customer search query.

Therefore, Flipkart uses multiple factors/information to match products to customer search queries. Hence, we will look deeper into these factors.

  1. Product Titles
  2. Product Description
  3. Back-end Search Terms
  4. Other information

How to Optimize Product Titles for Flipkart SEO?

Product titles plays important role on how people click through to the product listing pages. Product titles enriched with relevant keywords makes it easier for the user as well as the search engine to understand what the product is.

It is recommended to to add titles in the below mentioned formats:

  • Keyword + USP
  • Keywords + Use cases
  • Keyword + Product attributes

Pro tips for creating Amazing Flipkart product titles:

  • Title Cases: Capitalize the first letter of each word (excluding connecting words and Stop words)
  • Add measure words such as ounce, ml, cm, and gm
  • All numbers should be numerals and not words
  • If the size is not a relevant detail, do not list it in the title
  • If the product does not come in multiple colours, the colour should not be added in the title

What not to Include in Product Titles

Within the character limitations retailers should not include:

  • Price and quantity
  • Seller details
  • All Caps (Instead use Title Case)
  • Promotional messages such as “Offer”
  • Claims such as “Best Seller”
  • Symbols (@, $, ?)

Optimize Titles with Keywords

Keywords are important for any product title but sellers and marketers should be wary of keyword stuffing.

Product titles with clear and detailed information are more likely to get a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) and convert. Conversion (sales) ultimately, will further improve your ranks.

In many cases, Flipkart assigns titles for your products. Flipkart has its own title formula or nomenclature.

Hence, it is advised to choose titles carefully while cataloging your products on Flipkart.

Also, you need to contact Flipkart support to change the title, once the product is live.

How to Optimize Flipkart Product Descriptions

Flipkart allows up to 1000 characters of product description. Use product descriptions to communicate clear points regarding the product. It is recommended to add benefits of the products on product description. 

product description flipkart

Optimize the product description with relevant keywords. Use tools like Ahref, Google keyword Planner to do keyword research for your product.

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Unclear product descriptions will be rejected by Flipkart. Therefore, your product descriptions must be very clear and up to the point.

Every product listing page should also describe the major product features, such as size, style, and use case or benefits. Flipkart recommends sellers to include accurate dimensions, care instructions, and warranty information and use correct grammar and punctuation.

Do not include any of the following types of information:

  • Seller / Manufacturer name
  • Website URL
  • Company-specific information
  • Details about another product that you sell
  • Promotional messages such as “Best seller” or “free shipping”

How to Optimize Backend Search Keywords to Rank on Flipkart

Flipkart allows sellers to add search keywords on the product catalogue. You can add relevant keywords that describes your product.

For example, if your product is a shirt, you can add ‘Black’ or ‘Plain’ based on its description.

search keywords flipkart

To add ‘Search Keywords’:

  • Click on ‘Additional Information’.
  • Write one keyword and click on the + sign.
  • Write up to three singular keywords.

You must select the keywords well as only the first three keywords entered will be indexed.

Try not to use words that are already present in the title of your product as keywords for that product. Also, one cannot combine words such as ‘hair-cream’ to make one keyword.

Product Images to Improve Flipkart SEO

You can provide one main product image and up to eight alternate images (depending on your category) for your product listings on Flipkart. You can add an image either when you list your product or after the page is already created.

Follow Flipkart’s Image Guidelines carefully to avoid rejections.

image seo flipkart

  • Use white background whenever possible
  • Edit photos to remove flash spots and unneccessary shadows
  • Show customers how your products fits in their lifestyle. Build a story for your customer with images
  • Use size comparisons to make customer understand the actual size of the product.
  • Highlight product features in different images to call it out to the users.

Add Infographics

Infographics improve customer experience and will help to communicate about the product to customer better.

Moreover, Infographics should talk about the features and benefits of the product. It should possibly communicate why customers should choose your product over your competitors’ products.

using infographics on flipkart


Reply to Customer Queries & Reviews

Frequently respond to customer queries on Flipkart. Customers enquiring about the product means that they are interested or consider to purchase it.

Responding to customer queries help sellers to connect with their customers. This will help sellers to improve relationship with their customers. 

Since, user experience is what most of the customers look for, prompt response to customer queries will make you look a genuine seller.

Going through customer queries and reviews will also give sellers how their products are faring and gives you ideas on how to improve your products.

Advertising to Improve Product Visibility

Flipkart advertising is a quick way to increse visibility in short amount of time.  You can run ads for your products to drive traffic to your product pages.

Leveraging flipkart ads is a easy win for marketers. Not only does this drive impressions and sales, it improves organic visibility as well.

Why ads improve organic visibility in Flipkart?

The answer is simple! Flipkart ranking algorithms uses sales and traffic metrics to calculate ranks. Its a small trick to improve your organic ranking!

Flipkart SEO: The Bottom Line

While you can spend hours optimizing each and every listing, we highly recommend you to focus on your best sellers.

Not only will you see better results faster, you’ll also find that you’ll learn more about the way customers search for your products, and you can replicate that learning to your other product listings.

Doing SEO for your Flipkart listings will surely improve your product visibility. Adding all the information what customers need, is the first and foremost step towards acheiving product visibity.

Therefore, don’t hold back and give all information you can give to improve user experience. In the end, only the user experience matters!


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