Google Introduces AdSense Auto Ads [Powered by AI]

Google Adsense

Google is leveraging the magic of AI into Google AdSense with the introduction of a total new ad unit. The new ad format uses the power of machine learning to optimize ad placement.

The new Auto Ads uses machine learning to “read” web pages and work out what the most appropriate places to put ads might be, and how many ads should be run. Publishers can activate the feature by adding a single line of code to their pages.

The service first appeared in a limited beta version of Google AdSense in September 2017. Google claims that publishers taking part in the beta version gained an average revenue hike of whopping 10%.

AI will also estimate how many ads should be on the page to increase revenue. Therefore, Google AdSense will efficiently use ad space to benefit both the reader and the publisher.

Some of the benefits of Auto ads include:


With the help of machine learning, Auto Ads can show ads only when they are expected to perform well and provide a good user experience. AI will also estimate how many ads should be on the page to increase revenue. Use of AI to place ads is an interesting development.

Revenue opportunities

Google claims that Auto ads will identify any available ad space and place new ads there. This will potentially increase the revenue. Only time will prove if AI can balance revenue and use experience.

Ease of use

The code required for Auto Ads can be installed easily on the website. Also, existing ad formats can be easily integrated into the ad placement. The codes will automatically get integrated to run with Auto Ads for publishers who have been using Page-level ads. Moreover, mobile pages rendered with Google’s AMP service, need to use a separate code for AMP Auto ads.

Power of AI

AdSense is already a fairly automated service. But so far it has been up to the publishers to decide where the ads need to be placed. Google then selects the ads based on analysis of the page. Now, Auto Ads completes the automation process by placing the ads and taking away ad placement from publishers.

Thus, the new service is incredibly important to Alphabet, the Google’s parent company headed by Larry Page, accounting for a whopping $27 billion revenue in Q4 2017.

Google Adsense Auto ads

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