Marketing Automation Technology for 2018

Marketing Automation Technology

Most modern marketers are trying to make themselves competent with marketing automation technology. Automation has allowed marketing professionals to outsource the repetitive aspects of their jobs to their computer software. Chatbots have reduced the number of people required for online support.

All the real world applications are just a hint of what automation will offer to the market in the future. Recent developments in automation technology have already led to marketers finding new ways to engage their customers and reshape the traditional marketing channels.

However, implementation of marketing automation technology will not result in people losing their jobs. Automation simply helps you to improve the way you work and also to get better results. Some of the innovations that would be brought to your work environment would be.

Marketing Automation Technology for 2018

Semantic SEO

Semantic SEO refers to a search query or a question which produces meaningful results even when the search query doesn’t contain an exact match of words used. It is a calculated effort to understand what the search query actually means or what the user is actually searching for.

For an example, when a user is searching for particular symptoms, he might actually be looking to find out the root cause of the symptom which is the disease. Semantic SEO uses artificial intelligence to find relevant content easier and faster.

Semantic SEO works to supplement the traditional keyword strategy with the use of AI.

Unsegregated Email Workflows

Earlier, email workflows worked or were managed by a set of guidelines established by marketers. This limited the capability of the actual process leading to a lack of accuracy or efficiency.

Now, Integrated email workflows have enabled the marketers to use behavioral triggers like social media, display advertisements and other relevant mediums to robotize marketing campaigns and emails. This will result in an email which is a better fit for the end user’s online activity and will help in delivering relevant content

At the end of the day, this will result in better engagement and drive conversion rates

Virtual Reality

Marketers have never been able to fully crack the opportunities offered by virtual reality. Technological restrictions have remained the root cause of this lack of exploitation. Virtual reality has huge potential as it helps in user data generation and customized experience creation. Automation can be employed to use these experiences as triggers to deploy additional or related marketing content.

User engagement within the VR content should trigger related marketing content. As virtual reality grows most companies will make a move to improve the technological parameters hence using automation as a driving factor. This will directly result in an increase in engagement.

Contextual Marketing

Contextual marketing is an online marketing strategy where the user is targeted with advertisements based on his recent browsing behavior or his search patterns.

The concept of contextual marketing is unique in the sense that it does not give the user unrelated or irrelevant advertising content. It adds to your overall experience rather than interrupting it. So the advertisement will be related to the actual content that the user consumes on the web.

This level of personalization is only possible with the help of Marketing Automation Technology. Artificial intelligence is extensively used to personalize the content based on user activity. Such content would offer enough relevance so that the end user engages with the advertisement more often than irrelevant ones.

What is next for Marketing Automation Technology?

2018 will also see the existing Marketing Automation Technology applications evolving to cater to the needs of the modern marker. As Google is actively promoting the push for automation, we might get see a related product or algorithm update this year.  Stay updated with Search Engine Nation to get the latest news on automation technology and many more.



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