Search Google or Type a URL: The Jokes on You

search google or type a url

You might be jobless or really really bored to type “Search Google or Type URL” in the Google search bar!

Search Google or Type URL

You might be thinking why in the world, there is an article about a crazy lazy search? 

People do many weird things when they are bored.


  1. Picking nose
  2. Stare at the wall
  3. Read Instagram stories
  4. Gossip about your coworker

And the list goes on…

But the real reason I wrote this article is a long story. I will just walk you through it.

Do you know the monthly search volume of “Search Google or Type URL”?

The global search volume for this keyword is 23,000 searches per month!

Here is the breakdown of this search volume for some top countries.

CountryAvg. Monthly Search Volume
United States8,700
United Kingdom1,400

source: ahref

Looks like Americans and Indians are the most bored folks out there. 

Out of these searches, only 25% – 40% of the people click any of the results on SERP. 

How bored should be these people to type this long sentence? You know what I do when I’m bored? Instead of searching long sentences on Google, I play games on Google Search!

Search “Atari Breakout” in Google Image search and play this classic arcade game. You won’t be disappointed.

Some Hidden Google Games You can Play when You are Bored

1. Atari Breakout

atari breakout

Atari Breakout is a 1972 arcade game developed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Players control a paddle that bounces a ball into bricks arranged at the top of the screen.

To play this game, type “Atari Breakout” into Google’s Image Search. All of the search results will morph into bricks. Control the paddle with the arrow keys or your mouse.

2. Pac-Man 

pac-man google search game

This Pac-Man game appeared as a Google doodle on May 21, 2010, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man. To play this game simply Google “Pacman” and start munching on the white dots!

3. Snake Game

google snake game

Search “snake game” on Google and play this nostalgic game from Nokia-era. This game appeared in 2013 Google Doddle to commemorate Chinese New Year.

snake game over

Don’t forget to share the game with your coworkers and see who scores the max. (Don’t let your Boss see this 😉 )

4. Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy is a simple game about a magic cat fending off an endless swarm of ghosts. This game has 5 levels in total. You need to draw lines that correspond to the symbols above ghosts’ heads to fend them off.

magic cat academy

This game appeared in 2016 Halloween themed Doodle.

5. T-Rex Run

The absence of the Internet can make anyone lose their mind and Google knows this! This created the well-known Dino-Run game. This one requires Google Chrome browser. Sorry, Internet Explorer Lovers ;p

t-rex run google chrome game

To play, shut off your device’s WiFi or internet connection and open Chrome.

This is not what I’m doing with this Post!

You thought this post is all about bored typing and google search games! And you are completely wrong, my friend.

Do you know what I’m trying to do here?

I’m trying to rank the keyword “Search Google or Type URL” for this post.

How I Got this Topic Idea?

I was so bored to hell that I searched “Search Google or Type URL” in Google search. I have got a Chrome extension called “Keyword Everywhere” installed in my browser that shows monthly searches for the keyword entered.

I was shocked to see the search volume for the keyword “Search Google or Type URL” and I thought what if I write a post about Search Google or Type URL and rank it up in SERP. 

The first result is from Urban Dictionary. They even defined it!

Search Google or type URL
Typing this is a sure sign that you’re bored.
I was so bored sitting at my computer that I typed “Search Google or type URL. Now I’m so bored that I’m adding it to Urban Dictionary…

I wanted to experiment with this idea. I want to know how searches and intent for queries like “Search Google or Type URL” perform in SERPs.

Will I be able to rank it? God Google Knows!

game over

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    What a creative piece of content. Made my day 😊

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  • October 8, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    This is really funny!

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    I agree

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  • October 19, 2019 at 2:57 pm

    I like playing magic cat academy. What a great game!

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