SEO for Cryptocurrency Websites: 2020 Guide


Cryptocurrency SEO is the process of optimizing the visibility of cryptocurrency sites for users and search engines.

SEO for cryptocurrency websites is very important for generating traffic and ranking high on SERP. With a lot of competition, standing out from the crowd is increasingly difficult and needs a lot of work on SEO.

Understanding the Crypto Market

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming popular. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used as a medium of exchange for financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies use strong cryptography to make the transactions secure and safe.

These digital currencies are decentralized as opposed to traditional centralized banking systems. Bitcoin is considered the first decentralized cryptocurrency. Now there are more than 4000 Alternate Coins (variants of bitcoin) available.

Cryptocurrencies provide anonymity, confidentiality, and reliability. Decentralization of these digital assets means they operate independently and there is no single authority to regulate them. Therefore, the valuation of cryptocurrencies is mostly determined by market participants.

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies have become an important part of the global economy. It is experiencing rapid growth despite the strict legal regulation by many governments and general skepticism by the public. Bitcoin accounts for nearly 72% of all mining of coins in Chinese companies. Only 6% belongs to private and independent miners.

SEO for Cryptocurrency Sites

The competition in crypto business is so high that crypto companies fail to attain its goals. Many cases, this failure is due to the inability to lift the website rank high up in the SERP. SEO for cryptocurrencies is a must, especially with the fierce competitions. Doing SEO for cryptocurrencies has become difficult with many search engines and social media giants banning the promotion of cryptos online.

SEO for cryptocurrencies is different from traditional SEO practices. But the first step of optimization begins with a thorough Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research. To bring the adequate organic traffic and high ranking in SERP, you need to focus on both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO techniques. Here, we list important techniques of SEO for the cryptocurrency.

1. Track Cryptocurrency Business Trends

Understanding what is trending in the cryptocurrency market is very important for promoting crypto business. Tracking latest trends in the market allow you to include those trends in your promotional activities. With new players joining the industry and continuous regulations by governments, tracking changes and trends is mandatory.

You can use Google Trends to keep track on the newer trends happening. This allows you to quickly adapt to the changes happening in the industry and helps to beat the competition. Adaptability is the main key here. Keeping with the changes requires quick adaptability and this should be one of your strengths.

2. Understand what people are Searching in Cryptocurrecy Category

Doing in-depth keyword research is a very important part of SEO for cryptocurrencies. Keyword research provides insight into what people searching for and their intents. Most people searching for cryptocurrencies look for information rather purchasing cryptos. the intent of searchers is what we need to look into. A close study on user intent allows you to formulate good keyword strategies for your goals.

You can use keyword tools like Ahref, SemRush or even Google Keyword Planner for in-depth keyword analysis. Identify high volume and keywords and optimize those keywords in your on-site contents. This helps to rank your website high in SERP. Don’t forget to use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are most rewarding in terms of SEO.


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3. Analyse your Competition


Cryptocurrency market is dominated by many big players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and more. To penetrate into the market dominated by these big guys is tough. Understanding your competitors can provide insights to formulate better strategies. Tracking competition allows you to know what they are doing and why they are ranking up in SERP.

Track your competition:

  • Keywords (Both paid and organic)
  • Backlink Profile
  • SERP Position
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media presence and engagement level
  • Site loading speed and other SEO parameters

4. Generate Quality Content

Always provide accurate and up to date information to visitors. Always keep in mind the use of cryptocurrencies is illegal in many countries. On the other hand, some countries recognize the use of cryptocurrencies. Use quality content that is valuable to users on your website.

Use blogs to educate the users who want to be the part of your lead generation initiatives. Blogs help to convey information relevant to your business. You can use the latest trends, news, and questions of your users as ideas for new articles for your blog.

Be active on forums and main Q&A sites. Quora and Reddit can be a lot helpful for this. Answer the questions of your visitors and provide the link to your site to generate more traffic to your website. Also, include a detailed FAQ page in your site.

5. Use Social Media to boost Visibilty

Using Social Media platforms to promote your business. Although search engines take social media links as different as compared to links from other sites, still it will be beneficial for SEO. Having a profile in all main social platforms increases your authority and online influence.

Your audience may be scattered on different social media platforms. Use this to leverage your online presence and build a strong social media presence.

Social media helps to generate traffic. Create engaging contents using pictures, videos, and infographics. A highly engaged audience is always an asset and increases your online visibility through shares and engagement. Encourage users to post contents on your platforms.

6. Use Guest blogging on High Authority Websites

Guest blogging is also an important part of SEO strategy. Moreover, guest blogging in high authority site gives you a wider audience. Guest blogging also helps you get quality backlinks to your website. This helps to generate traffic to your site and increases conversions.

Having your content in high authority sites increases your trustworthiness and authority. Backlinks from such high authority sites will helps in SEO for crypto sites.

Guest blogging helps to build your online influence. Online influence is very crucial for a business and leveraging this influence can be beneficial for your business. Write blogs posts for top sites in your niche. This can be top blogs related to cryptocurrencies.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very important tool for a business. Emails can be used as apart of your lead generation strategy. The important thing is that you need to increase your subscriber base. Send newsletters to subscribers and encourage them to use your platform for making financial transactions. You can use drip marketing to convert people into using your crypto platform.

SEO for Crypto Sites: The Bottom Line

Cryptocurrency SEO is important for your overall business marketing and promotion. Optimizing your website with these SEO tactics can drastically improve search presence. Almost 70% of the traffic goes to the first three results in SERP.

Therefore, having your site in the top position is very important. This helps to beat the competition and increases traffic to your site.

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