What is social listening?

Most of the people have never heard of social listening! All they know about social media is that It focuses on running paid ads and campaigns! But have you come across anyone who knows about social listening?

Social listening is where one monitor across the conversations happening from different platforms to hear or listen to what people are talking about/find out if they like certain products & services/hear their opinions on certain matters regardless of where they are. This helps the experts take advantage of the conversations and inform the client of what they are missing out.

If you have not heard about this term, then you are missing out on great insights that can improve your business!


How does social media monitoring work?

Social media monitoring refers to tracking down conversations via keywords, topics, and interests. This includes repetitive modification of keywords concerning the objectives laid to track the appropriate social conversations and industry trends.


Are social listening and social media monitoring the same?

Though social media monitoring and social media listening terminologies are used interchangeably, in a nutshell, social media monitoring focuses on the numbers and metrics side of the data whereas social listening captures more into the emotional sentiments and gives an idea about how the audience feels about certain products/services in the market. 


How to build keywords to track conversations?

One can investigate:

  1. Brand name
  2. Brand names which are misspelled/written in regional languages
  3. Competitors 
  4. Industry & Product-specific keywords
  5. Campaign name


Why is social media monitoring important?

With the help of social media monitoring, one can 

  • Address the pain points faced by the customer and retain them
  • Start looking over earned conversations apart from the owned conversations. This keeps them tapped to more information (earned conversations are those which arise out of the brands reach. They can be tracked by using keywords)
  • Control the negative virality or improve the positive virality of your brand name
  • Gives a better impression to the audience that the brand is listening to their conversations online
  • Listen to the feedback shared and focus on improving their key areas


Have you heard of the Da Grasso Campaign?

Da Grasso is a pizza restaurant chain that operates in Poland and has made an everlasting impression on social media within just a few hours, thanks to their aggressive social media monitoring! This happened with the collaboration between Brand 24 and hyperCREW.

They were able to track the conversations across Facebook to find people who wanted a pizza. By looking at various parameters, they were able to obtain the address of the author, and the Da Grasso Patrol team was able to deliver a sizzling hot pizza! 

What was the result? 

  1. They have delivered 50 pizzas 
  2. Generated over 60K impressions on pizza across Facebook
  3. 135% spike on brand mentions
  4. About 95% positive sentiment for the brand
  5. A spike of 25% on interactions 


How did Spotify India “listen” to Anand Mahindra’s request for the playlist?

Spotify India Tweet

Anand Mahindra, an Indian billionaire businessman, and the chairman of Mahindra Group, a Mumbai-based business conglomerate, had shared a tweet asking for a playlist suggestion for a road trip in his latest Thar jeep! There was a definite boost in the engagements with people sharing some of their favorite songs while they go for a road trip.

Spotify India did not miss the chance and had tweeted a personalized playlist to him sharing the best songs which he had liked and interacted with! This is one of the greatest examples called moment marketing! And all this could happen only with the help of active social listening.

Now, you have heard about the positive side of virality! What happens when everything goes negative against you?…


Crisis Management

A study conducted by MIT scholars found out that false news gets more viral than positive news on Twitter! Having said that, it is very important to keep in mind that one needs to be very careful and must earlier before the false news gets viral

Social listening can take of PR disasters before things get out of control! It all about timing and management in place! Then things can be in better control!


Tips for Social listening 

  1. Be everywhere – Set up alerts on Google or social listening tools and pay attention to what people have to say! Knowing where the audience talks about is as important as what they talk about
  2. Competitor Study – Having a close watch on the competitors gives a better edge in standing neck to neck in market standards! This will also help you understand how they optimize their social handles, how they address their queries, their ORM strategy, and their website (the list goes on and on)
  3. Act on it! – There is no point in having so many insights and information, but you have failed to act on them! Data is of no use if you do not use them to your advantage!


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