X Which Was Formerly Twitter Will Charge $1 For New Users For Testing.

Twitter Will Charge $1 For New Users For Testing.

X Which Was Formerly Twitter Will Charge $1 For New Users For Testing.

X (previously Twitter) announced a $1/year subscription cost for new users in two countries in order to combat bots and spam. Not A Bot is a new program being tested by X (Formerly Twitter) to restrict bots and spammers, and it costs new users $1/year to subscribe in order to post or engage with content. Those who choose not to subscribe will just be able to read. It is claimed that the new fee will lessen spam and bot activity. Not A Bot is said to be a beta application. Anything with a beta status is often open for testing by the general public. The beta program typically becomes a core feature if the tests are successful, but this potential was not mentioned in the introduction. A new Terms and Conditions page states that “The Not-a-Bot Program is a beta program which X is testing for improvements in integrity of the platform.”

What Do Subscribers of Not a Bot Will Receive?

Features that are often free will cost money for new subscribers:

  • Repost or quote posts from other accounts; 
  • Like and comment on posts; 
  • Post content.
  • Bookmark posts

New users will only be able to do the following if they choose not to pay the annual fee:

  • Watch videos; 
  • Read tweets; 

Follow other members.

Terms and Conditions for Not a Bot

Users who will get enrolled in this new program are bound with new Terms and Conditions of the X. it stipulate that they are not entitled to a refund in the event that the program is terminated.

The new terms and conditions of the update are as follows:

X may change, hold, or terminate this Program at any specific time without any refund to you, and only X will determine all features and functionality of this Program in its sole discretion.

According to the official statement that was tweeted, “We are testing a new program (Not A Bot) in New Zealand and the Philippines starting today. It will cost $1 per year for new, unverified accounts to subscribe in order to post and engage with other postings. Existing users will be unaffected during this test.

This new experiment was created to support our already effective efforts to eliminate spam, platform manipulation, and bot activity while maintaining platform usability and the low fee amount. It does not increase profits. Subscription services have thus far emerged as the principal scalable solution.

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