What to Expect from PPC & Google AdWords in 2018

Year after year Google releases its bundle of updates aimed at enhancing the experience marketers has on their respective platforms. Every update changes the ways in which users interact with their campaigns.
Enhanced campaigns have made their way recently to Google AdWords, meaning mobile and desktop can be targeted in an effective way. This has helped in campaign personalization and better management of the Advertisement campaign.
Here are some of the enhancements Announced and implemented by Google.

What will change in Google Adwords for 2018

The AdWords platform

Life Events Targeting comes to YouTube and Gmail Ads

Life events interpret peoples search activity to foresee what they are likely to do in the near future. For example, people who are looking to buy a new car are likely to search for what is the best car category for them and people who are making an immediate purchase decision are likely to search for a particular car review.
This gives a serious upper hand to the marketers, who have used a literal approach for search results. This especially relevant for online stores. For example, an e-commerce website looking for a new customer might look into “Nike Shoes Online” as a base keyword and may devote the bulk of its spending to such keywords.
With life events, this approach is enhanced with marketers are now able to predict or understand the keywords used by the customer in the early stages of his buying decision and market their campaigns to them from the beginning.

In-Market Audiences

In-market audiences have been available for display for a long period of time. Recently, it has finally made its way into search. In-Market audiences are the users that Google has identified as active in the market for the particular targeting you have taken.
In-market audiences are regarded as high-value audiences by google and targeting these users will improve your chances of getting a conversion. However, in market audience management is quite difficult and may become costly if you do it without prior practice.

Updated Landing Page Report

There will be a page speed tool directly integrated into the new AdWords UI. This will provide useful insights regarding what needs to be changed and would highlight the importance of having engaging content and landing pages.
Such a landing page report will enable account managers to directly implement changes to the website. This change will make the whole process faster and easier.

AMP landing pages and Adverts for Display

AMP landing pages ensure faster page loading speeds even for content-rich pages. According to Google, every additional second of page load time results in a 20% decrease in conversion rate.
With users heavily influenced by page load speed, it is high time that marketers need to look for new ways to decrease loading time without compromising on content. This is where Google’s AMP comes in.
Google recently announced that AMP’s will be used in Google’s display network for  2018. This new concept would enable marketers to maintain all their content without compromising on the landing page load time

Google Optimize 360

Optimize is Google’s new A/B testing platform which has been in beta for the last year. Now Google has released a new version and it directly integrates with AdWords and analytics. This will help marketers to not use costly A/B testing software furthermore it will help small businesses.
Small Businesses usually stay away from experimentations due to the lack of resources. The optimize visual editor will enable you to change anything on the website using drag and drop. Advanced users will also get raw HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Adwords 2018

What next to expect from Google AdWords?

There is no doubt that Google will keep on adding features to AdWords in the near future. Stay connected with Search Engine Nation and get live updates on Google’s plans for AdWords.

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