Top Link Building Strategies That Actually Work For SEO 2024!

Top Link Building Strategies That Actually Work For SEO 2024!

Top Link Building Strategies That Actually Work For SEO 2024!

Getting SEO success in 2024 requires you to work on both on-site and off-site ends. This should be so that both these ends are in harmony with each other. It means you need to wisely and strategically do these tasks. But, have you ever thought why is this necessary?

The simple answer is that not all links are equal. Having the wrong links will severely hurt your website, which, of course, you don’t want. So, how to do this? Or how to know which link will boost your SEO score?

Well, the right tactic depends on your industry and the resources you have at your disposal. For instance, more competitive and established industries often require aggressive link-building strategies. And earning these links is a hectic job for them. But this is not as difficult as some people think. 

Every growing industry is full of opportunities to grab the attention of new bloggers and build a community. There are seriously a lot of ways to empower Link building strategies

This blog post will discuss data-driven and impeccable strategies to get powerful links for all types of websites. So, let’s get started!

7 Actionable and SEO-loving Tactics for Link Building You Should Not Overlook.

Reach Out to Micro-influencers: As social media and entertaining channels have become the main platform for businesses to act like a local train to carry out a massive audience, you should consider building links from these channels. For this, you can leverage micro-influencers partnership.

These influencers have anywhere around 1,000 to 10,000 followers. Moreover, they have the trust of their audience and better connectivity than you. Contacting these people means you don’t even need to work hard to get that much audience, and you can convey your message more easily.

Since influencers have better connectivity with their audience, their recommended products will get more CTR (click-through-rate)… that’s exactly what you want.

Dig Deeper for Goldmines of Backlinks: One of the best ways to do this is by monitoring what your competitors are doing, especially their backlinks. There are many tools for this, like Aheref, Semrush, Neil Patel, etc.
This tactic will save time in finding the right backlink as these tools will provide you with the complete list of powerful backlinks that worked for your competitors. This is especially beneficial to embrace SEO for startups.

Work on Outreach Wisely:This is a crucial step for building backlinks. But what exactly is outreach? Well, it helps you showcase your niche and introduce your content to people. But you should keep some things in mind when reaching out to an established blogger. Like you don’t need to be pushy. Instead, appreciate their work and ask them for backlink help.

Here is an example of how you can contact a blogger:

Hi (XYZ),

Yesterday, I came across one of your articles (article title). It’s so nice and informative. I really liked the way you conveyed your message.

Recently, I have also published an article (link of your article) related to your topic. It would be a great addition to your page.

What’s your say?

Talk soon,
(Your name)

You can even take a glimpse of a blogger article and determine what’s missing and advise them to link to your page to complete your information. You should be more friendly than pushy when reaching out to a blogger. Getting links to the bloggers from your niche is a great way for SEO success in 2024.

Guest and Sponsored Writing with a Twist
These days, many platforms have good audiences and allow writers to create content for them. You can take advantage of it for your business success. Scroll the web for blogging platforms related to your niche. Now, reach out to them and ask them you want to churn content for them. Once they approve your profile, start crafting content for them and wisely connect the whole information with your business. At last, hyperlink a keyword or your business name with your service page. This way, you don’t need to depend on other bloggers. You can create your own content and get linkbacks to your site easily.

Create A List Of Target Sites: 

These sites should align with your content, business, and target audience. Prioritize the sites by relevance and authority – that way, you can be sure you’re hitting the most important sites first.

The critical thing to remember is that link building is a long process. Therefore, your strategy must include long-term goals to see progress.

Curate Content for Q&A Sites: Q&A sites like Quora and Reddit have a huge audience and influence a lot of people. So, it’s a good idea to create content for these websites. Give answers to the questions related to your business background and, at last, give them information about your contacts and services.

Reclaim Your Broken Links: To get a sweet spot on SERPs (search engine result pages), you should find out all your broken links. But what is the broken link? You may have come across a link that went to a 404 page. This means the link is broken. As the link doesn’t lead the user to the page where it should go, there is no meaning to having that link.

That’s why you should use tools like Semrush and go for “Site Audit.” The software will list all the broken links. Now, redirect those links to the pages you want.

Infographic submission

What is Infographics Submission?

Infographic submissions are used for information sharing and strong link building purposes. It applies to psychological phenomena where images are 60,000 times more powerful than text. If you want to grow your online presence, invest in submitting infographics in SEO and become a master of your craft.

It turns out that a large percentage of online viewers respond better to well-graphically expressed data. The best way to achieve fruitful results in learning infographic delivery is to create detailed and innovative graphics in a coherent manner without confusion. There are many companies that employ these infographic designers to improve their online presence. Well-researched data helps share important information in less time than it is all in text format. The visual representation is better and more effective in engaging the audience.

There are a few points to avoid when practicing infographic delivery. Content should not be developed without in-depth research. It will ruin your reputation. Also don’t expect an unrealistic answer. It is best to focus on the quality of the content.

Benefits Of Infographics Submission:

  • On social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, infographics are shared more than the textual content since they seem to be lengthy and not worth reading. This can help you in gaining more shares.
  • Incorporating the logo of the brand in the infographics can help in the promotion of the brand and idea both. This will create a sense of familiarity in the minds of potential customers.
  • Infographics create more impact than texts. They reflect on psychology for a more extended time.
  • They are an excellent way to communicate complicated information innovatively and comprehensively.


Link building is not rocket science, but it can skyrocket your SEO score when built correctly. Above-we have mentioned some effective tactics for SEO success in 2024.

Whether you want to accelerate SEO for startups or medium-sized companies, these tactics will definitely help you. All you need to do is execute them properly. If you think that you need help, you can consult with a digital marketing agency.

We hope this blog post helped you!

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