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Google Core Update November 2023

Google Releases The Core Update For November 2023

Google starts bringing out the November 2023 core update that is the second big modification to its search algorithm in as many months.Google has started carrying out the core update for November 2023.This is the second significant upgrade in a row. it is said to be a special occurrence.Check out Google's new core upgrade guidelines for...

New AI Features that are Coming for Google Maps

Google has Announced New AI Features that are Coming for Google Maps

Google Maps now includes artificial intelligence (AI) features for route preview, visual search, and charging of electric vehicles. Google Maps will soon have an Immersive View function that provides thorough 3D route previews.Over 50 more cities worldwide will soon be included to the Maps Lens application, that combines AI and AR.New visual search results with images are being added...

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics Removes 4 Models, Adds Custom Metrics.

Google Analytics has dropped four attribution models and added custom metrics combinations.Google analytic removing 4 attributions in October 2023.The new calculated metrics feature will allow custom combinations of metics.Users should audit reports and test new models now to prepare.Google will soon announce updates to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties.Starting in mid-October 2023, certain attribution models...

Google has Introduced Structured Data for Car Dealership Inventory
Google has Introduced Structured Data for Car Dealership Inventory

Google Has Introduced Structured Data or Car Dealership Inventory

Major Highlights Of The Update New structured data markup of google makes it easier to present car dealership inventories. Google now permits auto dealers to mark up their automobile inventories. Dealers can add structured data to the Google listings for cars for sale. New Search Console reports may be able to resolve markup problems. Google has introduced...

Desktop Discover Feed

Experiments Of Google With Desktop Discover Feed

Google is experimenting on changing its renowned straightforward homepage by bringing the Discover feed for desktop. The principal key points of this update are:• The Discover feed is currently being tested by Google as part of their desktop homepage.• The goal of Discover feed is to offer tailored content and keep consumers interested through that...

google update

Google Confirms fixing of Indexing Bug.

Main Highlights Of The Update . Google acknowledges that there is a problem with its search index.2. Indexing of new content in search results is delayed due to this problem.3. Therefore, google is trying to resolve the issue.Google acknowledged reports that there is a persistent technical problem holding up the indexing of recently published website content....