6 Best Ways How To Earn Money Online For Students

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6 Best Ways How To Earn Money Online For Students

Welcome, we are in 2024. The past 3 years taught us the value of our family and time, it also encouraged our interest in doing business and making money online

ne from the safety of our homes.

As COVID-19 rose and we all endured lockdown, many people lost their jobs, some of them lost their loved ones or some of them lost their financial dependency. However, it also opens another door to do business and build a second source of income online.

The magic of the internet is nothing, however; it is a way that makes you financially dependent. There are multiple online ways to make money online at home and it is a way beyond online surveys or referring someone for a commission. In this blog, we will talk about the 6 best ways to earn money online in 2024, that are better than a daily formal lifestyle.


#1 Start your journey as an Affiliate Marketer 

In 2022, we will be going to see a big change in the affiliate marketing industry as more & more companies start investing in it and will reach the $8.2 billion mark by the end of 2024 as per Statista. Another report by the IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) that affiliate marketing would cross $835 million by the year 2028. You can start affiliate marketing with a cost of zero even without having a website, click to learn how you can sell more affiliate products without having a website in 2024. 


#2 Create a YouTube channel

Video monetization is the obvious way to earn money on YouTube, apart from there are a few other ways that you can opt to generate income from YouTube. Continuous work on your content and pure dedication are the keys to establishing a complete income-generating model on YouTube. 

Monetization approach on YouTube:

  • Ad revenue
  • YouTube premium revenue
  • Channel memberships
  • Merchandise shelf
  • Super chat payments
  • Sponsored content
  • Affiliate partner


YouTube has a vast audience base of nearly 1.9 billion users logging in every month. It is not about creating videos, uploading, and expecting to get money from the next day of joining. As a creator, you must be a consistent player and first better understand the platform and its algorithm process.

#3 Start Blogging 

If you are not a camera lover then this would be the best fit for you to communicate your thoughts and express your feelings. And, the best part is you can generate income. Blogging is having your website or an online journal where you can share your thoughts, ideas, or tutorials related to any specific subject.

Many people have pointed out that generating money from blogging is just a myth but it is a reality. The blog you are reading is a real example of a money-making blog. Anyone with some basic knowledge of writing and SEO can start a blogging business and make money online at home.


Now, let’s talk about blogging which is the most debatable industry. Why? Because many people think, that blogging is going to be zero as it they think SEO will be dead. But, nothing is going to be zero or dead.

There Are A Few Reasons Behind Our Statement:

>  A survey conducted in 2022 reported that there were a total of 10,000 bloggers in India alone.

>  As COVID risen-up and we were all stuck in our homes due to the lockdown, many youngsters made a smart move here, they’ve efficiently used the internet by starting blogging with the motive to share some valuable information with the audience and on the other hand, they’ve also make money online at home.

>  Reported, Indian bloggers earn as much as $10,000 per month, it also depends on the efforts you put in.

In layman’s language, what do you do if you need an answer to your query? We expect you’ll be using Google, won’t it? Today, the future of blogging is evolving especially in India, most people now start understanding the magic of content and the earning theory behind it.

Below are some blog monetization approaches that you can use to earn while blogging:

    • Selling ad space: Apply for Google Adsense and sell your website space to place ads on it.
    • Sponsored content: Writing a blog related to a series of the list and mentioning other corporation names in it.
    • Guest posting: Publish a piece of content shared by other businesses on your blogging platform to get traffic and a link in exchange.
  • Affiliate product: Adding affiliated products in the blog and suggesting users buy and get a commission in return. 

#4 Become an Influencer

Influencers’ popularity increases day by day; a huge follower base and daily engaged audience are the reasons for brands’ collaboration as they are spending tons of money on it. You must have seen a famous face on Instagram promoting X product from X brand. 

Influencers can charge from $75 to $3000 per post, it majorly depends on the follower base even if you are a micro-influencer you still have enough money. Some influencers charge more money if they have a huge follower base. That is why, most youngsters are joining this path to become social media influencers, to make money online fast, and to become famous faces.

#5 Try print on demand 

Print-on-demand is a great business model, especially for those who do not want to hold the inventory in stock. Ideally, the POD business model attracts artists or designers to start as a side hustle business or by doing just as a hobby.

The best part of POD is, you do not need to hold the physical inventory. Once you get an order of your design, you will print it on a t-shirt or mug and the rest of the task of production and shipping will be handled by an outsourced partner. You pay your partner for their efforts and the rest of the profit is all yours.

For example, you paid for a t-shirt with your custom design on it, which is Rs.500. You have sold the same custom design t-shirt for Rs.850, out of which Rs.500 for your outsource partner who will print, pack, and deliver to the customer, and the rest of the profit of Rs.350 is yours.

Some POD websites from where you can start:

Ø  Teespring

Ø  Designhill

Ø  Printfull

#6 Become a Freelance

If you have a skill set of knowledge about anything related to data entry, transcription, graphic designing or any other, people are willing to pay you for your skills. Freelancing is a beautiful journey to be your boss, work only ‘n only on your T&C, and get paid in full (no office fuss). However, most people doubt that they do not have much experience to become a freelancer but you need to review your work history here. Let us take an example if you ever do a job in your professional life then you DO have skills and experience.

Mentioned a few websites you can consider to get your first client as a freelancer:

1)       Fiverr

2)       Upwork

3)       Chegg India

4)       Youth4Work

5) Peopleperhour

Just remember one thing, becoming a freelancer is easy but keeping it consistent is hard. You must be prepared for future challenges like what you will do when you do not have a client. So, keep digging it!

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