LinkedIn Announces New AI Tools To Enhance Hiring & Learning.

LinkedIn Announces New AI Tools

LinkedIn Announces New AI Tools To Enhance Hiring & Learning.

LinkedIn is piloting AI-driven tools to modernize recruitment and learning experiences.

Key highlights of the update

  1. LinkedIn has introduced AI-powered tools on LinkedIn Learning platform. These tools are Recruiter 2024 and AI-assisted coaching.

   2. The purpose of Recruiter 2024 tool is to speed up the recruitment process, while AI coaching provides personalized learning.

 3. There are plans for a wider distribution of these new technologies but are currently in a pilot phase.

Recently, LinkedIn introduced new AI-powered tools meant to revolutionize hiring and employee development. The professional networking platform is reacting to how the skill needs of workforce are changing and the part HR departments are playing in managing this shift. According to a survey reported on LinkedIn, 90% of human resource professionals say that their work has gotten more strategic in the last year. LinkedIn is releasing beta versions of Recruiter 2024, an AI-enhanced recruiting tool, and a new AI coaching function for LinkedIn Learning to help HR teams.

Recruiter 2024 Uses AI Tool To Enhance The Hiring Process.

The new Recruiter 2024 tool from LinkedIn makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) and internal data on over 950 million people to quickly produce competent job applicants outside of the typical target companies.

This enables recruiters to speak naturally when describing suitable candidates instead of wasting hours on searching candidates manually.

The AI can then offer additional regions, specializations, and remote job opportunities to increase the talent pool.

Recruiter 2024 is avoiding itself from relying just on businesses which have household names. Instead, it makes use of the information job applicants supply, such as their willingness to work and interest in organizations with similar ideals.

Additionally, LinkedIn unveiled CRM Connect connections that link Recruiter and already-existing candidate relationship management platforms together.

AI Coaching is taking place in the LinkedIn Learning

The LinkedIn Learning platform has received an upgrade from LinkedIn that will now offer coaching based on AI through a chatbot interface.

The AI-powered coaching tool offers specialized guidance based on certain job titles, career objectives, and skill sets.

This function is now being tested for leadership and management abilities with the intention of extending it in the other sectors as well.

What we are Looking in future.

The two tools that are launched on LinkedIn Learning i.e., Recruiter 2024 and AI-powered coaching on are being piloted with a select number of customers. The plans is to expand their access to all Recruiter and Learning Hub customers throughout the year. These updates are the beginning of using AI in the LinkedIn platform to support HR and learning and development of professionals.

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