Google has Announced New AI Features that are Coming for Google Maps

New AI Features that are Coming for Google Maps

Google has Announced New AI Features that are Coming for Google Maps

Google Maps now includes artificial intelligence (AI) features for route preview, visual search, and charging of electric vehicles.

  • Google Maps will soon have an Immersive View function that provides thorough 3D route previews.
  • Over 50 more cities worldwide will soon be included to the Maps Lens application, that combines AI and AR.
  • New visual search results with images are being added to Maps for themed queries such as “animal latte art”.

Google has revealed a number of new AI-powered Maps upgrades that will be available shortly. These updates are intended to assist users with trip planning, navigating new areas, locating electric vehicle charging stations, and discovering new locations and activities.

Immersive View

Immersive View for routes is the most graphically sophisticated new feature; thus, it gives a comprehensive overview of their entire trip to users. Google says that Immersive View would enable users to experience virtual travels. it is as if they were actually there through fusing billions of Street View and aerial photographs together using sophisticated AI.

Users can zoom, pan, and even alter the time of day or weather conditions while exploring routes from various vantage points in the interactive Immersive View experience. This allows people to get a feel for the route before they go off. Immersive View creates its incredibly accurate 3D maps of routes by using computer vision, artificial intelligence, and billions of Street View and aerial photos.

Immersive View was initially introduced earlier this year for specific sites and destinations in addition to routes. The Google Maps Platform now offers new 3D mapping capabilities that allow developers to design immersive experiences. Immersive View for Routes will be available on Android and iOS this week in cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tokyo.

Updates To Lens

The Lens feature in Google Maps, which allows users to use their phone’s camera to get directions in new places is going to be expanded. Lens overlays the view from the camera with information on neighbouring eateries, stores, train stations, and more using artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Lens is expanding to more than 50 cities worldwide after debuting in a few places last year.

Updates For Electric Vehicle Drivers

A number of changes are intended to give owners of electric vehicles additional useful information to lessen their “charging anxiety” when traveling. Users can now see details like compatibility, the quantity, kind, and power level of chargers as well as information regarding the last time of using chargers. It will ultimately help users to prevent the broken charges. These features will be available globally at the starting of the next week.

AI-Powered Visual Results

Google Maps is reinventing search with new visual results driven by AI. Photographs of locations that match their search terms, such as “animal latte art,” will now be displayed to users. Advanced computer vision algorithms have analysed billions of photographs to produce thematic search results. To see more information about each location, including directions, reviews, and details, users can swipe through the photo results. According to Google, these innovations in visual search are possible because of their achievements in computer vision, picture recognition, and artificial intelligence. This week will bring the launch of the new visual search experience in France, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US.

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